Woman Crush Wednesday | The Babes of May

In the social network community, two days of the week are dedicated to posting photos of the people you fancy to your Facebook timeline/Instagram feed. For those of you who may be living under a rock, Mondays are known as ‘Man Crush Monday’ (#mcm), and Wednesdays are refereed to as ‘Woman Crush Wednesday’ (#wcw). Basically, your news feed on Monday and Wednesday are a nice little reminder of how many of us got fucked in the genetics lottery pool. Regardless, as a means of striving to produce quality content for our viewers, at the end of each month, we’ll break down the best of the best. However, apologies to the female audience in advance because I will only be featuring attractive ladies. As a compromise, I will not be featuring any scantly clad broads. We like to keep it classy here at FiestaFrog.com


The Babes of May

1.) Scarlett Johansson at the Captain America: Winter Soldier premiere.


2.) Marion Cotillard in a strapless top.


3.) Katy Perry sporting a tight tube sock dress.


4.) Aubrey Plaza in a black dress.

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