Scopolamine – Worlds Scariest Drug | Devil’s Breath

Devils Breath ScopolamineEveryone, watch out for this drug! No, dont buy it, stay away from it!!! It is basically the worst date rape drug to the 100th power. This drug can take away your free will while keeping you perfectly articulate and conscious. Here is an example of what happens if you are under the influence of this drug : “if I was to give you this drug or forcibly drug you with this, you would be open to anything I would want you to do. I could tell you to clean out your bank account, rob a bank, have sex with a horse or even jump off a cliff.” Some theorists have even suggested that the Colorado theater shooter could have been under the influence of this drug.Mega creeps are definitely looking for new ways to drug unsuspecting victims, so this is a public service¬†announcement to make the partiers and bar hoppers aware.

You could be at a bar tomorrow with friends and then “poof”, your bank account is empty and you are found in the dungeon of the John Jamelske ( the Syracuse/ Fayetteville Dungeon Master). In short, this drug is basically a zombie powder from Columbia. It does have recreational uses but

I wouldn’t recommend it. This dude said he took it with a mixture of some other drugs and tripped for 17 days. WTF!!!
Watch the video and “share” this post to let everyone know about this. This is a public service announcement. Devils breath or Scopolamine is the craziest drug ever. Lets keep everyone aware of this!! Comment on this post and let us know what you think. Here is the video: