Yik Yak: Awful Or Awesome? It’s Hard To Tell

By now you’ve probably heard of Yik Yak. If not, you should check it out cause it’s most definitely heard of you. Yik Yak, a free app created for college students by two recent graduates, is an anonymous message board for anyone within a 1.5 mile radius. Once posted, readers can vote entries up or down, as well as comment on them. It’s Twitter, Tinder, and Ask.fm rolled into a completely anonymous board.

Although it was intended for more innocent use, Yik Yak serves as a place where slut shaming, fraternity bashing, and awkward confessions run rampant. Anonymity, is a dodgy subject when it comes to the Internet because of apps similar to this one. If you haven’t downloaded the app (and most likely already deleted it), then you should check it out, maybe out of pure fear. Though it is full of battling fraternity chapters, it’s still interesting to see how anonymity affects the interactions we have as college students.

Yik Yak is there for the guy who puts on his nice guy face every day when he faces his boss; it’s also for the girl that slept with her best friend’s boyfriend and doesn’t feel guilty, or the roommate that manscapes with your mustache trimmers after leaving the gym. A lot of what’s on there will surprise you and make you laugh, but you might develop trust issues about the people around you, not knowing who posted about you can do that to a person!

Here are a few examples from what’s on my Yik Yak today:

“DG’s rep died faster than my iPhone battery”

“If you love something let it go, if it doesn’t come back, drunk text it.”

“Girl hopped out of a car and her Jack Daniel’s flask clattered to the ground on McCormick god I love UVA”

“There’s a girl in the guys bathroom. Nobody told me college was gonna be this weird.”

As you can see, there are not always harmful posts on Yik Yak. There’s even a section for Hogwarts, although I haven’t the slightest clue where those Yaks could be coming from. I’m currently on the road but it’s very clear that University of Virginia and Boston College students are much more mild mannered than the ones at West Virginia University, which I can’t access at the moment. If you’re still not on Yik Yak by the end of this post go check it out for yourself, see what kind of things are going on around you, and join your local herd.